Fonner Development

My name is Jed Fonner and, in addition to my day job, I build solutions to small but interesting problems using web-based technologies.

Lorem Quotesum

June, 2023

Instead of using boring filler text, use funny quotes from the best movies and TV shows! Allows you to control the rich text options and output formats. Make your users chuckle when they read your demo copy and test data.

Lorem Quotesum screenshot

Audiobook Locker

February, 2023

A cross-platform app for managing your audiobooks, including search, grouping, tagging, and metadata and cover editing. Keep your audibook collection tidy and easy to peruse.

Audiobook Locker screenshot

Simple Weekly Meal Planner

June, 2022

A free, easy-to-use tool which lets you map out which meals you want to eat each week and ensure you have all the ingredients you need. It's a great tool for anyone who likes to eat but hates meal planning.

Simple Weekly Meal Planner screenshot

Shared Slides Clicker

Oct, 2020

A Chrome/Edge extension which allows multiple users to remotely control a Google Slides presentation while on a video call. Google recently added this functionality directly to Meet, making this extension obsolete.